New Mastodon Account

Given the dumpster fire that is now Twitter, I figured I’d give Mastodon a try. I’m supportive of a wide variety of projects, especially open source ones, so why not make the move from a closed source, now less friendly social media platform, to one that looks to welcome us with open arms.

For those that don’t know what Mastodon is, it has actually been around awhile. It was founded in 2016 and while it never seemed to get quite the same attention as some of the more popular social media sites, it had a following. Mastodon is open source, so in theory anyone can take that code an host a server – in fact, Mastodon is really a federation of server clusters that is able to work together. This means that not only is it not centralized, but different interest groups can spin up there on servers and join the larger federation that is Mastodon. In my case, I chose to join, which is focused more on technology professionals and social acceptance. You can learn more about Hachyderm directly from the group and more about Mastodon from a number of places, including this New York Times article and this TechCrunch article.

If you would like to join Mastodon through Hachyderm community, you can use my link:

Happy tooting on Mastodon, I hope to see you there.